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Are you experiencing conflict in your relationship, facing big decisions such as whether to have children or maybe having children has created stress in your relationship. Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, or facing a life transition? Do you feel like you are working hard and not getting where you would like to be? Do you wish you could feel more alive and happy in the life you are living now?

Do you want to explore making a significant change in your life such as a new career, relationship or having children? Are you ready to make it happen? Reaching into the heart of what matters to you My name is Michele Goedde and I am passionate about helping people create, deepen and revitalize their life and relationships. I believe therapy is a collaborative journey that can create the lasting changes you desire.

In our work together I will blend effective and dynamic counseling methods with elements of coaching to help you move into the life and loving relationships you want. You can begin living the life you truly desire.

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