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Over the last couple of years, the advantages of mental health insurance have altered dramatically. I am sure you are aware that mental health is a broad term and when you are looking for mental health insurance, it is important for you to ensure that the plan that you get will include different kinds of mental disorders. Every one knows that there are various types of mental disorders and usually, the mental health insurance will include issues like substance abuse, depression, behavior disorders and anxiety. Most people can get insurance from their employers but the bad news is that the insurance generally does not cover mental health issues. The insurance agency or company will be the one to decide on the coverage. In general, the disorders that will be covered by the insurance plan are social phobias, relationship problems, depression and anxiety. However, you need to know that the cover will not include weight loss or aromatherapy.

Some insurance plan may even allow you to go and see the therapist of your choice and this will depend on the plan that you have opted for. Before you select a mental health insurance, I will advise you to try to find out whether that policy will allow you to go and choose the therapist of your choice. Needless to say, I will always recommend you to find out about the various insurance agencies before you settle for one agency. Prior to buying the insurance plan, it will be best if you carry out some research. To make sure that you are getting the best policy that is being offered, you should look around for the plans offered by the different agencies. It is possible for you to compare the insurance quotes of various companies by checking an insurance comparison website. Some things you should ask before you get the policy are: * Will the insurance plan limit the number of visits to the clinic?

* The plan that you are considering, does it have a lifetime cap? * Is there a separate deductible every year for mental health services? * Are the names of the hospitals and therapists that you have to choose from mentioned in the policy? If you go to a therapist not named in the list, will you need to pay his fee by yourself?

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