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Mental health issues are eventually coming out in the open. brings you articles about mental health issues and want to unmystify the topic. About a century ago, mental health issues were viewed as a disgraceful matter which never was talked about in polite company. In case an old Grandmother was suffering from dementia, her family only spoke of her, in hushed tones, as crazy old granny. People who suffering from schizophrenia ended up being institutionalized and given painful shock treatments, or even worse, frontal lobotomies.

Thankfully, a significantly development has been made within the last one hundred year to put this dismissive and hurtful misconception to rest. Approval of mental health problems as legitimate disease conditions that ought to bring compassion to mind and encourage research has been a very long, bumpy ride. Having said that, the majority of people nowadays recognize that quite a few mental disorders originate from genetic, environmental and cultural aspects which are beyond the control of the patient. One particular mental health matter which has helped to focus society’s empathy is definitely Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A lot of soldiers are suffering from this condition.

PTSD is often characterized with symptoms such as extreme anxiety, paranoia, violent reactions and nightmares. The person is reliving a the past traumatic situation again and again through ‘flashbacks’. Quite often the mental torment leads to suicide, or violent behavior upon other people. This particular syndrome was first granted a name when psychiatric evaluations made observations on former Vietnam soldiers. Veterans from wars prior to the Vietnam war also suffered from this mental disorder, but back then, it was not acknowledged as a consequence of participating in warfare.

Children who have been mentally, physically or sexually abused suffer the pain of PTSD too. This specific mental health concern has wrought severe consequences in the lives of the victims and their families. PTSD is basically a direct result of traumatic incidents that overwhelms the individual. Absolutely nothing in normal society can prepare them to cope with such unthinkable horrors. Prior to becoming acknowledged as an ‘official’ mental health problem, these types of victims suffered drastically and quite often they engendered their struggling onto the ones that were dearest to them.

Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism and bipolar disorder are just some of the other mental health concerns that we’ll talk open about on our mental health site. Most mental diseases is finally being examined from a medical point of view. Better technology has made it possible to map different parts of the brain and make correlations which help explain what makes a human being susceptible to these types of diseases. There is certainly still plenty of work to be done to find effective treatments that can help these people. Public understanding could well be the catalyst to locating cures to what earlier were known as a ‘crazy’ condition.

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