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Needless to say, an anxiety disorder can often leave you feeling as though you have little or no control over panic attacks and your anxiety. Therefore, finding ways of handling the situation can be one way of gaining more control and consequently minimizing the effects that panic leaves on you. However, not all techniques work well with everyone and the key is to identify the ones that can help you address the situation of a Panic Attack. In the aftermath of an attack, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and take slow breaths. This is akin to breathing in and out of a paper bag but has the advantage of being more discreet. When faced with hyperventilation, you could try taking in long slow breaths which should be held in for a while before slowly breathing out. These should then be followed by a few normal breaths before repeating the slow breaths as necessary. This is especially comforting when you feel that your breath is short and high up in the chest.

Try and avoid negative and fearful thoughts which could exacerbate the anxiety such as thinking that you are crazy, or how people will react to your condition. Instead, focus on the reality of the situation by reassuring yourself that you have previously come through such episodes unscathed and that this is just your body’s normal reaction to anxiety and nothing more. If you happen to experience a panic attack, it is advisable to lower your gaze towards the ground or floor until the attack has subsided. This is because when you are panicking, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the stimulus coming from all around you as noises seem louder and lights brighter. Often, getting reassurance or just being in contact with someone not only serves to distract you from a panic attack, but it can also leave you feeling safer and less lonely. While touching is very reassuring and comforting, hugging is even better. If you have a car stereo, headphones, or are at home, put on some soft, relaxing music or anything that will leave you feeling good. Try lying down and perform some breathing exercises as you allow yourself to relax.

Instead of just lying down and focusing on the symptoms, you could shift to something more positive such as watching television, writing your journal, or reading. Nicotine, caffeine, or drugs are definitely not recommended to those who suffer from anxiety attacks and indeed most other people. Therefore, using them when you are experiencing a panic attack will only add more stress and leave you feeling more anxious. Avoid them at all costs. 8. Sit next to an open window or fan If you experience heart palpitations and shortness of breath in the midst of your attack, try sitting in front of an open window or fan for a while. The resultant breeze should ease your Panic Attack and will especially help with breathing. ==> Click here to read an excellent source, Panic Attack, on managing a Panic Attack better.

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