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Finlandia offers Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing using software from Brain State Technologies ®. This service is sometimes known as "Brain State" or "BWO". Brain State is a neural technology designed for relaxation and self regulation, this is a non-invasive process for balancing and optimizing brain wave patterns with personalized exercises. Nearly 30,000 people around the world have fine tuned, recalibrated and refined electrical brainwave activity with this sophisticated technology that simply mirrors your own brain waves to allow for voluntary growth of new neural pathways that serve you better.

Using EEG sensors and amplifiers, your technician will place Intellisensors on your scalp to pick up readings of your brainwave activity. This activity is fed through a computer that has been programmed to reflect the frequencies that we are targeting, as sound. Essentially your brainwaves are translated into sound and takes less than 50 milliseconds to be received by your  subconscious. Based on Quantum, rather than Newtonian physics, this procedure allows the brain to accurately 'see' how it is functioning and bring itself into a more harmonious state of balanced activity.

Each frequency targeted during your session is monitored by your Brainwave Technologist to track progress and make adjustments as needed for each successive session. Trauma - both emotional and physical - can knock brain functioning out of balance. These imbalances serve at that time as a coping mechanism to get you through a crisis, ongoing tough situation or physical injury. The problem is, often these patterns 'stick' long after the traumatic event(s).

The brain is concerned about survival, tending to act as if a certain pattern saved it during a crisis, then perhaps it should always be kept. This is rarely helpful once the trauma ends. Such patterns may show up later in life as depression, anger, addictions, or foggy thinking. With the brain being the control center for the entire body, including our Autonomic Nervous System (the necessary Sympathetic 'Fight or Flight' and Parasympathetic 'Rest & Digest' responses needed for survival) a difficult period in our lives can exacerbate the imbalance with unpleasant consequences, in either our behaviours or our physical and spiritual realities.

During your initial email or telephone call to one of our Certified Brainwave Technologists, you will be asked to identify the main challenges you are experiencing, what, if any, medications you are currently taking, and a very brief physical history. What does a Session feel like? During sessions, you recline in a 'zero-gravity' chair and get as cozy as possible. You can take your shoes off, or snuggle under a blanket if you wish.

The atmosphere is quiet and the lighting is soft with salt crystal lamps. While listening to the sounds related to your own brainwaves, you are given simple visualizations to experience with your eyes closed. You may be soaking up the peace of a calm & quiet place that you create specifically to bring your nervous system into balance, or feeling as much joy in your body as possible while we work on brain patterns that correlate to depression or isolated feelings. Some of the time your eyes will be open, you may be asked to just soften your gaze, become present and follow your breathing, or you may be shown a relaxing short video.

If you come in feeling stressed out and high strung, generally you will leave 2 hours later feeling calmer and more grounded. If you come in tired and lethargic, most likely you will leave feeling rejuvenated and alert. Most clients, regardless of their chosen goals, end up sleeping better and feeling a lasting calm within their being. Prior to your Brainwave Assessment, clients need to refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs and bodywork such as Physiotherapy & Acupuncture for a minimum of 3 days.

During the booking process, you will be emailed two questionnaires that need to be filled out and brought to your assessment. The Intensive itself, consists of one Brainwave Assessment session, lasting approximately 1. 5 hours, where essentially a "map" of your brainwave patterns is attained for our certified technicians to analyse and create the beginning protocol for your 18 hour program of advanced neurotechnology. After your Assessment, your nine appointments are 2 hours each.

Generally, these appointments are scheduled each day of the work week. If you are looking to overcome an addiction, we schedule the first six sessions twice per day. No alcohol, recreational drugs, or body work should be undertaken while undergoing the Brain Balancing Intensive - remember, you are growing new neural pathways and need to give them optimal conditions to solidify in their new healthy patterns! At the end of your Intensive, you will receive a Completion Package filled with progress reports in graph form, additional information on neuroanatomy and brainwave function, a Wave Aid CD if ambient sound was used during your sessions, as well as information on our Referral Program and supporting documents for your Integration period.

An Integration period of 3 to 7 weeks follows an Intensive. During this time, your brain is still solidifying the new neural pathways that formed during the sessions. Any alcohol or recreational drugs taken during this time may undo all the progress made up to this point - EVEN ONE GLASS of wine! Hang in there, it's worth it!

Doing the visualizations you used each day, drinking lots of water, eating extra protein and if you were given one, listening your chosen ambient sound on the Wave Aid CD are all recommendations for solidifying more balanced brainwave activity patterns. Is Brainwave Optimization for me? Yes! If you desire any of these qualities that are often enhanced with BWO: Each person who undergoes brainwave optimization identifies specific issues they want to address during their sessions (not limited to the list above).

Though individual results vary, 85% of all clients meet or exceed their chosen goals and often find improvement in unexpected areas as well. Both of our Certified Brainwave Technologists were trained at Brain State Technologies headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona and have energetic management backgrounds. This means extra support for dealing with fragile or intense clientele, and additional services like sage smudging, grounding and intention work as well as personal power retrieval are available upon request. Depending on your needs, we may recommend the following in-house services and resources: Please see "The Finlandia Difference" page for more on these complimenting services proven to facilitate the Brainwave Optimization process.

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